Max: «… all the music, all the songs are my personal ideas …»Fashion-concert: Please, introduce yourself.

Max: Hello, I’m Max from Babylonia. We are here in Moscow to play our concert. Hope, you’ll enjoy it, guys.

Fashion-concert: How did you celebrate the New Year?

Max: We had an amazing pizza in our hotel, we were with our friends – with Ale, he’s from Babylonia too. We had a fantastic night, because we love Moscow. We don’t have to go outside, we just stayed here and we are happy.

Fashion-concert: Have you drunk a lot of Vodka?

Max: Not so much, but we tried.

Fashion-concert: How did you prepare for this concert? How did you choose the songs?

Max: We are finishing the new album, so this will be a special concert. There will be old songs, and song from the new album. And then we also have a special surprise for Depeche Mode fans here in Moscow, so we are going to play something really special.

Fashion-concert: What else would you remember of this New Year celebration?

Max: The city is amazing, we saw it three or four years ago. We love it and we already knew it. Everytime we came in Russia we had a special feeling because of lot of memories from the past. We have a strange connection with Russian people. We always have fun.

Fashion-concert: Whom would you choose to be Snegurochka, if you were Ded Moroz?

Max: We can’t say anything, it’s top secret.

Fashion-concert: What is your idea about the perfect musical performance?

Max: We are a synthpop band, but I have to say we are a very strange synthpop band, because we like to mix electronic elements with acoustic elements. And you will listen to us later, and you will see, that we like to play for instance piano with electronic beats and stuff like this. I think this is the thing that no other synthpop bands do.

Fashion-concert: How do you choose the places for your videos?

Max: It depends on the song. We have a beautiful video shot in Toscany, and also we have some studio videos like “By my side”, it was done in theater fotostudio. It depends on the music. But we prefer natural landscapes and stuff like that.

Fashion-concert: What music did influence your band?

Max: When we started to play music we used to listen to standard kind of music, like Depeche Mode, IMD, Pet Shop Boys and stuff like that. Nowadays I have to confess that we move forward in some way, I’m not listening to electronic music anymore, but I prefer Italian singers for instance, or French singers. Ale likes jazz music, swing. The interesting thing is that we put all of these influences in our music. So we have jazz influences and Italian elements in a synthpop band.

Fashion-concert: What inspires you for the album concepts?

Max: Every album has a story. The new album is inspired and dedicated to Robbie, you know the story about Robbie. And all the music, all the songs are my personal ideas, they have strange multidimensional way. That’s the key behind the album, the melodies, the atmosphere. When we released “MOTEL LA SOLITUDE”, which is our previous studio album, had another inspiration. We don’t have a unique way to perceive the album. Everytime it’s a new story, a new challenge.

Fashion-concert: You were not a musician, what would you do?

Max: I would be one of the guys, on the beach at the seaside, doing nothing at all and enjoying his life. And that’s my dream.

Fashion-concert: What are your plans for the future?

Max: We’re going to release the new album, I guess between March and April. We’re have to release the first single from the new album, and shoot a new video, and start promotion and all the stuff around the new album. And of course we would like to have a long tour, and we hope to come back to Russia again to perform. This is our story so far and that’s what we did the same things with “MOTEL LA SOLITUDE”, nothing more and nothing less.

Fashion-concert: For what presents have you been asking for Christmas, as you were a little boy?

Max: Every year I used to ask about an animal: a cat or dog. I said: Please, mommy. But she always said “no”, “no, we live in the flat, so we can’t have any”.

Interview by Petr Kournikov